Sunday, June 20, 2010

Food Blog: Step One

Hello Blogosphere! Welcome to Cook’s Book--a food blog, by me, Marisa.

Although I’ve never written a blog before, it seems as though I’ve been blogging the old-school way for some time. As a child, I filled pages of marble notebooks and yellow legal pads with daily narratives and thoughts on things like what I wanted to be someday. In high school I kept a similar type of book, where eventually beside a scattered mash up of favorite quotes and lyrics, I scribbled a list of pros and cons between Johnson and Wales and the Culinary Institute of America to help decide which culinary school to attend (CIA won).

I fell in love with food when I realized that contrary to the way it may have seemed growing up in a home where Mom sighs upon thoughts of entering the kitchen, cooking does not have to be a chore and eating is more than a necessity. Going to different restaurants, watching cooking shows, and working bottom of the totem pole jobs both front and back of the house fueled my desire to pursue culinary arts; for me, an exciting world of culture, creativity, and hard-work, with boundless opportunities to always learn more.

I’ve been working with and around food for about seven years. For the past two, you could catch me bouncing around town running in and out of grocery stores getting paid to food shop. I work for a Long Island culinary school and yes, that is a big part of my job description. I’ll eat just about anything or at least try it. When cooking, I like to keep it simple and of course, delicious! I can do fancy but would rather not. I usually cook for family, and though they love it and are always supportive, their response to anything too abnormal, untraditional, or froufrou is typically a crinkled nose and a “what’s that?”

Graduating from CIA at 19 years old and not quite prepared to jump into a real job, I pursued further education in communications to learn more about writing and journalism. The ultimate goal in mind: food writing. I graduated with my Bachelor’s from New York Institute of Technology about a month ago. This blog is kind of like a self-propelled start to a dream. Perhaps it is one of the first steps to making a career from writing about food happen; it is an immersion into the food scene and a way to gain experience in the kitchen and at the keyboard. Like the notepads of my past, it is a new “book” to confide in and I am excited to share it with you.

Cook’s Book is a compilation of gastronomical experiences—a web-based, visual cookbook filled with cooking, eating, photos, and writing. Kind of like my own little cooking show or magazine. In addition to various recipes, ideas, and how-to’s, there will be food news, and anything else you can think of—seriously, if you have any suggestions please e-mail me. I’d also be happy to answer any of your food-related questions!

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