Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tea Party for a Cause: Cook’s Book Tea Party Recipes Featured on Electrolux Ovarian Cancer Research Website!

As you might remember, back in September I took part in the Foodbuzz 24 x 24, a monthly event where 24 bloggers are chosen to host a unique meal within the same 24 hours and post them all on the same day.

September’s event was unique in that it was in support of Ovarian Cancer Research; for every meal hosted, Electrolux donated $250 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. I was so happy to be able to contribute to such a great cause, and knew exactly what I wanted to do. In the spirit of getting women together, I chose to host a tea party.

Today, Electrolux launched a new website in support of Ovarian Cancer Research and guess what the theme is? Tea Party! And guess whose tea party recipes they recently asked to feature? Yes, Mine!

The site is called Kelly Confidential (Kelly as in Kelly Ripa), where you can join Kelly’s virtual “chari-tea” party for a cause. When you do, $1 will go towards the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and you are entered for a chance to win an Electrolux washer and dryer.

There are a bunch of fun “tea party” themed links to click around on the site, including ideas for how to host your own. Under “host your own tea party” you’ll see my picture next to “tea party recipes.”

It’s like, there’s Kelly Ripa and Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss, and then there’s me! I’m very excited about it and I love that it is all for a great cause!


Karen said...

I must have just missed this post by minutes when I sent my other comment. Congrats on being featured...what an honor!

Sandra said...

Wonderful..I am joining right now, and congrats!!!

Chef Dennis said...

Marissa you totally rock!!! how cool is that to be featured for this event!
I'll have you know the old chef went over and even picked his the tea party!
I have an idea for my entry already!
what a great cause to support!

Tanantha P. said...

yes i remember that! when i read the email from FoodBuzz this morning, i thought of your tea party. i'm going to have a tea party with my girlfriends the weekend after so i probably won't be able to submit it. I have to admit that your tea party inspires me to have my own.

Claudia said...

Congrats on being featured. Double honors - because it is for a very good cause.

Koci said...

Yay!! Congratulations on your recipes! That's so exciting!

Anonymous said...

You're the best!
You are doing such a great job.
Keep up the good work.

Take Care,
Chef Mike :)

Angie's Recipes said...

How cool!

Adelina said...

I remember your perfect post. Congrats on being featured. I need to support as well.